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Use code HAPPY2020 to get 10% off - expires midnight, January 1

Carnage 3D Tech

Aftermarket ram air inlet wide-mouth snorkels and accessories for the Ford Focus ST and Fiesta ST

Use code HAPPY2020 to get 10% off - expires midnight, January 1

  • Focus ST Wide Mouth Snorkel

  • Fiesta ST Wide Mouth Snorkel

  • Focus ST/RS Wing Riser Kit

  • Ford Focus ST Diffuser Fins

  • Ford Fiesta ST Diffuser Fins

  • Roof Diffuser Fins


The Fiesta ST snorkel will fit all 2014-2019 Fiestas. The Focus ST snorkels will fit all cars from 2013-2019, pre-facelift and facelift models.

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Fiesta ST and Focus ST snorkels

MORE AIR MORE POWER, so the saying goes. The Snorkel helps increase mass airflow into your Ford ST, increasing inlet pressure, reducing temps and bringing that turbo to spool a bit quicker while adding the aggressive touch to the grill of your monster.

Fiesta ST and Focus ST Wing Riser Kits

The wing lift kit is an easy mod with max visual impact, delivering a street ready aggressive look. These kits give the wing the extra tilt and lift required for pure bad-assery. Everything is included in the kit for install.

Fiesta ST and Focus ST Diffuser Fins

Diffuser fins on the roof and underneath really help the rear end stand out. 6 fins in the pack all with heavy-duty application tape (no drilling needed) to make for an easy install with a nice visual punch.

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