Honda Pioneer 500 Accessories

Pioneer 500 Aftermarket Glove Boxes, switch panels, and more

The Crossroads Honda Pioneer 500 glove box gives you much-needed in-cab storage with a nice factory look.
We take our Pioneer 500 aftermarket accessories seriously with 5-star quality, service, and support. Designed and made in the USA!

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10-Minute Install

Easy to install, these Honda Pioneer 500 glove boxes adds 130 cubic inches (0.9 cu. ft.) of storage. It holds phones, gloves, ratchet straps, etc. This glove box replaces the warning label in the dash.

Plenty of Space

With 130 cubic inches of storage (.9 cu ft), our glove boxes hold your phone, your keys, gloves, and anything else you need for the trail or around the homestead.


Our quality aftermarket Honda Pioneer 500 glove boxes look great – the way Honda would have intended. Also you can customize the lid with your own text. Replace the warning label in the dash with something useful.

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