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Pioneer 1000 LIMITED Dash Panel/Pocket combo



FITMENT: Fits Honda Pioneer 1000 LIMITED EDITION (all years). Replaces the angular dash warning plate.

You are responsible for keeping and heeding the warnings on the warning label after it has been moved. You may want to put the warning label into a new, visible location.

This Pioneer 1000 LE electronics/switch panel holds standard sized rocker switches and USB/voltage meter mounting. This panel comes with all slots “closed” with removable “knockouts.”

  • Convenient location
    This switch panel replaces the center warning plate in your Pioneer 1000 LIMITED. Panel is 8″ wide, 7 3/4
  • Easy install
    Drill out the rivets holding the warning plate, then use a utility knife to cut the dash. Fasted with self-tapping screws (included.)
  • Handy Storage
    Some options have a storage pocket. Keep your phone, gloves, or keys in the slot. Holds the largest phones and bulky cases. Storage pocket is 1″ wide, 3.5″ tall, and 4″ deep.
  • Customizable
    Get any combination of switches and circle-holes. Leave a note at checkout if you want different text.

Panel is professionally 3D printed for a factory appearance.

I don’t sell electronics, but you can get switches and things on Amazon here:

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