Upper Cubby Switch Panel fits Pioneer 700


FITMENT: Fits Pioneer 700 (all years).

This Pioneer 700 electronics switch panel mounts into the upper cubby and holds standard sized rocker switches, and includes circular knockouts for USB/voltage meter mounting. This panel comes with the slots “closed” with removable “knockouts.”

  • Convenient location
    This switch panel mounts into the upper cubby on your Pioneer 700.
  • Easy install
    Mark and drill four holes. Fastens to the dash with push-clips (included).

Panel is professionally 3D printed for a factory appearance.

I don’t sell electronics, but you can get switches and things on Amazon here:

Customer Reviews

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Robert S.
2021 Pioneer 700-2 switch panel.

Well, I am not quite there yet. I bought a naked machine and I am building it out. So far, I am mostly waiting one part or another. So not done. I can say this, I appreciate you designing and producing the part at my request. It does fit the machine well. The punch outs were easy and fit the switches and meter well. No problems with your part at all. Thus far, I would easily recommend this part to others, and probably will. I am a prospector, who is a member of the GPAA. All of us have machines of one type or another. So there you go. Thanks again. If I have any issues, I will let you know. But for right now, you are batting 5 stars. PS: I will probably post some youtube videos about my build out and the differences between what we use here VS the lower 48. I will give you judicious mention.

Thanks Robert - appreciate the good word!