Talon Passenger-side Dash Panel



FITMENT: Fits Honda Talon (All models)

You are responsible for keeping and heeding the warnings on the warning label after it has been moved. You may want to put the warning label into a new, visible location.

This swich panel fits the passenger side of the Honda Talon dash, replacing the warning label. Choose from various electronics layouts, which hold standard sized rocker switches and circular USB/voltage meters. The large round circle is 3″ for bluetooth radio units. Panels comes with the slots “closed” with removable “knockouts.” Let me know if the notes if you want custom text.

  • Great looking
    Unlike other panels, these feature a seamless front face that cover up the holes until you’re ready to install switches. “knockouts” are precise and easily removed from the back with a utility knife.
  • Convenient location
    This switch panel replaces the large warning plate on the passenger side of your Talon dash.
  • Easy install
    Drill out the rivets holding the warning plate, then use a utility knife to cut the hole. Fastens with 6 push-clips (included). Plate is 12 3/8″ wide, 4″ tall.
  • Customizable
    Get your own text, logo, or combination of switch or circle holes. Leave a note at checkout when you order the Custom option.

Panel is professionally 3D printed in ABS for a factory appearance.

I don’t sell electronics, but you can get switches and things on Amazon: SXS Rocker Switches

I don’t sell electronics, but you can get switches and things on Amazon here:

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Very nice custom insert, had a 2-7/16" hole for a sound bar remote, excellent communication and fast shipping

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