Glove box for Pioneer 500 / Pioneer 520



Contact me if you would be interested in a "less than perfect" version of this for a substantial discount.

Get the Honda Pioneer 500 / Pioneer 520 Glove box for in-cab storage. The largest and most factory-looking aftermarket glove box available for the P500 or P520 has a customizable lid. This glove box adds 130 cubic inches of storage. It holds phones, gloves, ratchet straps, etc. This glove box replaces the warning label in the dash. The lid fastens with two magnetic latches. (Also available in a weather resistant and lockable versions.)

  • Easy install
    Installation takes as little as 10 minutes.  Installation requires a utility knife, Philips screwdriver, and a tiny drill bit for pilot holes.
  • Customize it
    The glove box door is customizable with your own text on the lid. If you choose custom text, please leave your text in the “Order notes” (Look for the Orange Box when checking out.) Limit around 12 characters. If you want something else on there, like a picture or a simple logo, please contact me before ordering.
  • Satisfaction Guaranteed
    The walls are 1/8″ thick, and won’t warp in the heat. The material used has similar characteristics as the dash itself. This glove box is 3D printed.

Go here for more info and videos.

FITMENT: PIoneer 500 - 520, all years. Some add-ons (such as the dealer-insalled winch solenoid) are mounted behind the warning plate. To install the glove box, you will have to first relocate anything that occupies that space.

Works with the OEM under-hood storage compartment.

You are responsible for keeping and heeding the warnings on the warning label after it has been moved. You may want to put the warning label into a new, visible location.

Customer Reviews

Based on 142 reviews
Adam Stobiecki (Brownsburg-Chatham, CA)
Standard box

Well built product, well thought out.
Easy to follow installation instructions. I got the non locking version and haven't had any issues with it popping open. Keeps the wallet and phone clean and dry. Like some others said you need to push on the dash from behind to get the box to "seat" properly in the opening. I took a long flat blade screwdriver and pushed on the dash from behind at the bottom edge of the box and it just snapped into place. Highly recommend this for other P5 owners. Thank you crossroads.

Thanks Adam, appreciate the good word!

Charlie Elsholz (Reno, US)

Glove box for Pioneer 500 / Pioneer 520

Larry (Elizabethtown, US)
Pioneer 500 Glove box install

Great product. Light weight. Matches rest of interior given that it's all plastic. Opted for magnet lid as I have no need to lock and wanted as much space as possible. Install was easy enough, one trick I figured out was opening up bottom of dash by removing push pin and sticking a flat nail puller up to put pressure on bottom lip of dash to seat the box in tight and get screws in. I noticed some folks online have their door look crooked. Might be from not getting bottom of box tight against dash and screws in straight. If you drill a small hole as I did, to get more grip with screws, you can actually push dash in when trying to screw screws in so back pressure helped keep everything in place. Using the back pressure ensured I didn't have that problem. Very happy with result. Since the box tilts down in back, strength of magnets isn't that important to me stays shut very well for what I use it for. The only time it popped open was when I was trying to see what all I could cram in. Expandable things like a koozie or spring loaded cable did cause it to pop open as it uncoiled or unfolded. So just plan accordingly.

Thanks Larry for the detailed review. You've hit on important tips for installation. The trick is pushing up against the back of the lower dash to get the bottom fully seated in.

Sheryl Farr (Riverview, US)
Good deal

We have had glove box a few weeks and so far its great. It keeps our phones dry.

Thanks for the review!

Murry Florence (Berkley, US)
Honda pioneer glove box

We love it ! It got perfectly and was very easy to install.

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