Pre-Wired Switch Panel Floor Mount for Transmission Tunnel


​This floor-mount is designed to hold a 5, 6, or 8-gang pre-wired switch panel.

  • Presents the switches to the driver at a 55-degree angle
  • Wire exit hole on lower-passenger side
  • The bottom has a curve in it – designed for mount onto a transmission tunnel
  • 5-Gang is 8 3/8″ wide, 5 5/8″ tall
  • 6-Gang is 9 1/8″ wide, 5 5/8″ tall
  • 8-Gang is 11 3/8″ wide, 5 5/8″ tall
  • 8-Gang and Dual-panel mounts have a side hatch for “retrofit” wiring harness connector pass-through (coming soon for all panels)
  • 4 Self-tapping sheet metal screws included
  • 6-Gang Dual Panel holds a 6-gang pre-wired panel on top, another small panel on bottom-left, and 3 rocker switch slots on bottom-right. (see picture)


Electronics Not Included