XRED Professional Cupped Paint Gun Hanger


Securely holds your gun with paint cup attached inside your spray booth, allowing you to conveniently put aside your paint gun to address other tasks. Five magnets* hold the weight of the gun, paint, and hose. Designed around the industry standard 3M PPS system, but compatible with the Sata, and DeVilbiss cup systems as well as others. Works with aluminum and plastic hard cups.

Developed by and for auto-body paint professionals, the XRED Professional Paint Gun Hanging System is designed and tested to work effectively in real-world painting environments.

When painting, autobody professionals need close, convenient placement of their expensive paint rigs and other quickly-accessible supplies. The lack of quality options and the desire for seamless perfection is what launched the XRED Professional Paint Gun Hanging System.

  • All XRED hangers mesh together side-by-side to utilize the holding power of all neighboring magnets* from nearby hangers.
  • XRED hangers are professionally 3D Printed in Indiana, USA

Choose from screw or magnet mounts.

*Magnet strength depends on the thickness of the metal surface and thickness of any paint separating the metal and the magnet.