Switch Panel Mount for Auxbeam 8 +3 rocker switches for Ford F-150 (2015-2020) Center Console


Crossroads 3D switch panel mount for Ford F-150 (13th Gen, 2015-2020) mounts the Auxbeam 8-gang switch panel and three rocker switches. It's a great accessory to add control to the driver's side pocket in the console.

Switches and electronics not included

This switch panel fits into the existing center-console driver's side pocket, and is designed to be durable and fit tightly.

  • Precision fit: The Crossroads switch panel slides into the existing driver's side pocket in the Ford F-150 (2015-2020)
  • Mount: fits Auxbeam 8-gang switch panels BA80, GA80, etc. (Does not fit the Auxbeam RA80 XL.)
  • Secure: The switch panel is designed to securely hold your Auxbeam and switches. Includes slots on the sides to add strip of 3M double-sided molding tape if even more stability is desired.
  • Easy installation: The switch panel is easy to install and requires no tools or modifications. It simply slips into the existing console pocket and can be used immediately.
  • Made in the USA: This switch panel is designed and professionally 3D printed in the United States.

Fits these Auxbeam models:

  • BA80
  • BB80
  • GB80
  • GA80

Additional information

Weight 14 oz
Dimensions 9 × 4 × 3 in