Seat Duct Vent for Corbeau Moab, LG1, Trailcat, Apex Seats


Neck-warmer duct and vent system add-on for the Corbeau® Moab, LG1, Trailcat, & Apex seat styles.
(Corbeau makes premium aftermarket seats for use in most Jeep CJ5's and all CJ7's and YJ's, racing cars, SXS, and can be installed into almost anything with their vehicle-specific brackets.)

  • Easy-to-assemble, snaps into the harness opening of the seat. Fastens at the back with 8 phillips screws
  • Duct hose barb comes off the back at a 45-degree angle for seatbelt clearance.
  • Duct hose is set to run inboard of the seat. To run outboard, just swap the driver/passenger ducts
  • 5/16" opening for seatbelt
  • Requires 1.5" duct hose (not included)
  • Choose Driver or Passenger side when you order

This is an aftermarket add-on part and is not affiliated with Corbeau®. Corbeau® is a trademarks of © Corbeau® USA, LLC

Additional information

Weight 8 oz
Dimensions 9 × 4 × 4 in

Driver, Passenger

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E D.C.

This guy's the guy your looking for if it's CUSTOM! 😎

Thanks man, appreciate it!